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More Central, More Accurate: Matrix Mapping Improvements are Coming Soon!

June 17, 2011  |  by Anne

Coming next week, we are adjusting how property locations are determined on Matrix map searches.  Currently, the location of the property (noted with the pushpin icon) is placed at the street level, often at the bottom of a driveway.  In an effort to avoid confusion and improve map accuracy, we are moving the location of the property to the center of the property, and away from street level.

Moving the location of the property to the center of the lot will:

  • Improve Matrix map search accuracy
  • Ensure a more accurate identification of the listing’s location
  • Avoid confusion

Just check out the map below of a bird’s eye view of the MRIS building here in Rockville, MD.  Notice the purple pushpin at the street level?  That is the current way properties are identified, even though our building is further back.  The blue pushpin represents the improvements coming next week, and correctly marks the location of MRIS at center of our property, avoiding any confusion on which building is actually ours.  So in bird’s eye, aerial, or road view, your listing location will always be clear. Stay tuned for more information next week!

As a listing agent, if you disagree with the location of the pushpin, you always have the ability to reposition it to what you believe is a more accurate location.

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9 responses to “More Central, More Accurate: Matrix Mapping Improvements are Coming Soon!”

  1. Rich Raab says:

    The maps keep getting better and better. Thanks!

  2. CIndy Jones says:

    Thanks. At the street level it could be a home on either side of the street which can in some neighborhoods make a big difference.

  3. Scott says:

    Great change, let's all make sure we double check our push pin's!

  4. Teri says:

    This will definitely be a help. Now, if we could see the Bird's Eye View in Keystone when entering the listing that would be a big help. So many times the push pins are off target for the actual location, and the only way to check is to submit the listing to MRIS – go into Matrix – pull up the map and Bird's Eye View to check. Sometimes I have had to go back and forth a few times like this to get the pushpin just right. Thanks!

  5. Tim says:

    Hi Teri. When creating this that was something we wanted to deliver. It turns out that the Bird's eye view is not available in Keystone because it is a 45 degree view map. As you rotate around the property it changes location to provide you a 45 degree view. To accurately determine location the PushPin placement needs a top down view. You’ll also notice the ruler doesn’t work on Bird’s eye maps for the same reason. Hope this makes sense.

  6. Jed says:

    Will the better placement of the pushpins also be reflected in the Lat/Long data? If so, will you be correcting/adjusting the geocoding data on historical listings or will this simply be a correction made going forward?

  7. George Creed says:

    Currently when loading 2 or more listings in the "que" before uploading to MRIS, the map shows the same "push pin" location in all listings (I guess it takes the direction from the first listing input). Then you have to manually move the "push pin" to the required location for the subsequent listing. Will this enhancement fix that error.

  8. Donald Truett says:

    Good job keep up the good work.

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