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More Keystone Enhancements Are on the Way!

June 26, 2014  |  by Tim

Matrix DocumentsAs part of our 2014 Keystone Roadmap, we are continuing our efforts to enhance Keystone to best meet the needs of MRIS customers. Our next set of updates will be released soon, and here’s the overview of the exciting changes!

1. Attached Listing Documents

This update is a big win for MRIS customers for both Keystone and Matrix.

How many times have you clicked the “View Documents” link in Matrix just to find out there are no documents attached? Based on the number of suggestions we’ve received I’m guessing you’ve experienced that workflow just about a million times. Well no more! In Matrix and in Keystone the link will display the number of documents attached to the listing just like we do for photos.

2. Keystone Listing Alerts Emails

Busy agents who do not enter Keystone on a frequent basis occasionally have their listings expire because they weren’t aware of the upcoming expiration date, resulting in inaccurate information and a Compliance Notice for certain statuses.

To help you keep track of important listing dates, Keystone will be able to send you email alerts for the following:

  • Listing Expiration Date
  • Individual Contingency Expiration Date
  • Listing Closing Date
  • Application Registered status exceeding 30 days
  • Temp Off status exceeding 14 days
  • Saved but Unsubmitted listings that have not been edited in 14 days

Keystone Listing Alerts can be set up to notify you 1, 5 and/or 10 days in advance of the alert. By default, these alerts will be set to send 5 days in advance. However, once this release is available, you can visit the Preferences section in Keystone to adjust the frequency or turn them off completely – it’s your preference.


3. Schools

Schools information is an important consideration to potential buyers and is searched for about 35,000 times a week. Sometimes agents don’t enter this information due to concerns over entering inaccurate information and potential liability if they do.

Schools Information

Leaving this information empty or entering “Call School Board” is one way that agents can encourage potential buyers to research the information themselves, however, this workaround also reduces the number of buyers who see their listing.

In the next Keystone release, Keystone will auto-populate schools information sourced from a third party schools resource based on the location of the listing. If the listing is close to two or more school boundaries Keystone will leave the school blank and display a list of potential options for you to choose from.

Keep in mind that this auto-population of schools information does not replace the listing agent’s and buyer’s responsibility to verify the information, e.g. by calling the school board, to confirm the information provided is correct.

Still don’t want to include school information? You will be able to turn this feature off within your Keystone preferences by unchecking the boxes (shown in image above).

4. Find a Field/Picklist

Have you ever had to enter a listing with a unique (or common) attribute and you weren’t exactly sure where that attribute is located in Keystone? You read each field and every Picklist option getting more and more frustrated. After all, it may not make sense why Recessed Lighting is located in the Windows and Doors Picklist.

Find a FieldTo help, we are adding a “Find” feature to Keystone.

Once this is released, all you need to do is begin typing in the attribute name in the Find field at the top of the Keystone Add/Edit Listing screen to view all the possible locations and definitions for the term you’re searching for and allow you to navigate directly to the attribute you are trying to find.

5. New Rental Fields/Picklist Options

We have received feedback from our customers who work with rental properties that the current fields we offer in Keystone for Rental/Property Management Properties do not allow them to describe the property’s services or amenities to the fullest. With this upcoming release of Keystone, those customers will be happy to know that we have added the top Rental/Property Management fields requested. A more detailed post will outline these new fields/options next week, so if you work with rentals, you don’t want to miss that one. Make sure you update your Rental Listing with this new rental information as soon as you can to increase the chances that your listing will show up in searches.

6. Submit Later

Schedule Listings to Submit LaterThis feature allows you to add a listing into Keystone when you have time and schedule what date you want it to be submitted to the MLS. This also works for edits. Edit the Price, adjust the Remarks, schedule it to be submitted to the MLS on Thursday and get an email reminder the day before just to keep you in the loop.

7. Other Cool Updates

This next release will reduce the time it takes to checkout a listing and also offers you the ability to copy Open Houses with one click, so you won’t have to re-enter the same data every time you have an open house for your listing.

What’s next for Keystone?

We still have more new fields to add to Keystone this year, so if you have suggestions about fields you feel we are missing, please let us know either in the comments below or by using the Feedback link at the bottom of the screen when you’re in Keystone. All suggestions will be considered.

Stay tuned for more information on Keystone updates!

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31 responses to “More Keystone Enhancements Are on the Way!”

  1. Ernie Norris says:

    Showing the number next to the Document field is a great addition. We suggested this idea immediatley after the Document addition.
    I love the find/search field. Great addition.
    Thank you.

  2. Zach Zander says:

    In Matrix, have the ability to change from system status to gallery (for example) and the number per page stay on the screen, even when on a long list. Having to scroll all the way down or up can be a pain.

  3. Kathy Friedman says:

    Please add the application fee the agent summary report on rentals. It is already on the client summary report.

  4. Lisa Bradford says:

    These are some great changes! Thank you!!!

  5. TOM KARRAS says:


  6. Jerry Ford says:

    Please have someone with actual commercial real estate sales and leasing experience ( a CCIM) review and assis you in updating the Commercial real estate listing forms.
    Thank you,

  7. Audrey Hunt says:

    On rentals I wish there was a check for available now.

  8. Amy Fisher says:

    Now that we have the option to specifically note the existence of a den or loft (THANK YOU!) we need to be able to view at-a-glance, what floor the den or loft is located on. Main level, Upper level 1 Upper Level #2 etc. We can see where the bedrooms and baths are at a glance, why not where the den or loft might be?

  9. Judy Hanrahan says:

    Does this mean we have to scan and save EACH DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT SEPARATELY and then MAKE NUMEROUS DOWNLOADS? If so, it sounds like it is going to make more work for the listing agent and the selling agent if we have to save or open each one separately to either read them or save to add them to an electronic signature site. Assigning a number to show how many doesn't ensure that all required disclosures will be there. It would be much more professional if listing agents would download the set of disclosures/disclaimers and other required docs when they enter the listing instead of MRIS creating a time consuming nightmare for all agents.

  10. V. L. Hargrove says:

    Is there a reason we cannot make the uploading of disclosures for each listing mandatory? That and (although i don't think it is legal) making it mandatory that the agent use some type of showing service to schedule appointments rather than waiting for them to call us back when they get good and ready to, would be a help and reduce some of the unnecessary stress that we encounter in this business.

  11. Sounds like some great updates! Here are a couple of others I'd love: 1) Why can't we add the photos before submitting the listing? It's ridiculous that I have to enter the listing without photos and then add the photos in a second update. 2) Especially since you can have the listing in your work area for two weeks prior to submitting it, it would be INCREDIBLY helpful (and prudent) to have TEAM ACCESS to Keystone. Often one of us will start the basics of the listing, but another member will add the remarks, or the documents, or make another change PRIOR to the listing going active, not being able to complete the listing often results in delays. I know for a fact that this impacts more than just our team.

  12. LeahKnoerlein says:

    I can't tell you how happy I am about the updates on the documents showing without having to click and find nothing there, and being able to search for a field!! Yippee!

  13. Anne Oller says:

    You have added a variety of important and time-saving features.
    Thank you

  14. alexa44 says:

    To be young again and just starting out in real estate with the high tech …. I started in 1976…probably before most who posted here were born!

  15. BJ Cyr says:

    PLEASE, please, please add the feature "master bedroom on main level" I have requested this a number of times online and never get a response. MRIS reps who come to our office say they will submit that but I never hear back. More and more as baby boomers continue to age, they want a master bedroom on the main floor. I'm not talking about a den or office that can double as a bedroom but a master bedroom with a closet and a master bath attached. Buyers with arthritis or other disabling conditions also want this. It seems like such a simple request so I don't understand why it can't be added.. Surely it is as important or more important than a loft! Searching for "bedroom on main level" doesn't address the issue. Even searching for a bedroom on main level and a full bath on main level doesn't address the issue.

  16. Christel Miller says:

    Please update Showing Time to indicate whether it is being used for a listing. I have been trying to use it to see if it is beneficial but find it to be a waste of time when I have to search each one individually only to find out that only a few are using Showing Time and I have to go through CSS anyway. Currently it is double the work and I don't see it catching on.

  17. Toni Larios says:

    Please make total square footage a required field it can be pulled from tax records informtion.

  18. Jadwiga McHale says:

    How many days I can have TEMP

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