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Most Buyers Would Consider Buying A Haunted House

October 23, 2013  |  by Ellen

Haunted HousesA recent survey reports that two-thirds of buyers would consider buying a haunted house; however, many of those buyers would expect the price to be discounted. Interestingly, a full 35% of respondents said that they live in a haunted house (which means there are more out there than we thought). The study also asked people what supernatural occurrences would scare them the most and levitating objects took top place. That beat unexplained noises (such as footsteps or doors slamming) by a full fifteen percentage points.

Go here for the summary and scroll to the bottom for a nifty (and free) infographic.

And don’t forget! We want to hear your spooky housing stories. Were you ever showing a home to clients and heard a few too many unexplained noises? Or have you ever thought you saw a ghost disappearing around the corner? Please send in your spooky home showing experiences to and we’ll feature them in an upcoming blog post.

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