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MRIS 2010 Summer Road Show: Week 1 wrap up!

August 6, 2010  |  by Anne

Woah – what a FABULOUS start to the 2010 Summer Road Show!  Thank you so much to Washington DC Association of Realtors (WDCAR), Prince George Association of Realtors (PGCAR), Southern Maryland Association of Realtors (SMAR), and Howard County Assocation of Realtors (HCAR) for being so welcoming to us!  It was truly a delight to meet each and every one of you and to learn a little bit about what makes your associations so special.

So who from MRIS is actually going on the Road Show to all 25 Associations?  Well… allow me to introduce the dream team 🙂

Me!  Anne Hague, Marketing Support Specialist

Cassie Clancy, Manager of Events and Education

Carmen Hodges, Support Center Director

Some folks from the support center will also be rotating through as well.  Analysts include Brian Frankl and Hamza Fellah, and representatives include Jason Weiss, Larissa Hyland, and Verlisha Suggs. 

It was so good to meet the Association people that are really there on a day-to-day basis and remind them that MRIS is here to  help. We knew that everyone would welcome us with our balloons and gift baskets, but it meant a lot to us to have a real conversations with the staff.

“After being at the Support Center for a couple years, it was a great experience to finally meet some of our customers face to face,” said Jason from Support Center.

With a few associations down, we are getting in a good routine.  Cassie drives and tweets (not at the same time), Carmen inflates balloons and I try to upload pictures onto Facebook while in the back of our van – it is more challenging than you think!  We are looking cool and casual with our black, v-neck shirts with our roadshow logo and jeans. 

Where are we off to next? 

August 10th – PMAR, EPBR, PHBR, HHAR

August 11th – GVBR, MAOR, BRAR

August 12th- NVAR

August 16h – AACAR, FCAR

August 17th – NVAR (Herndon), DAAR, GPAAR, PWAR

August 24th – BAAR, MSBR, CBOR

August 25th – HCAR, GBBR, CCAR

August 31st – FAAR, GCAAR

Cassie and I are tweeting and posting lots of pictures so make sure you’re keeping up!

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