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MRIS and Company CMO John Heithaus Provide Background For Lead Wall Street Journal Article

May 24, 2013  |  by Ellen

Mansion—the luxury real estate section of the Wall Street Journal—published a full-length piece on how the high-end real estate scene in DC and its suburbs has not only weathered the recession but come out swinging.

MRIS and RBI were able to provide a few of the statistics for the article and CMO John Heithaus spent an afternoon with one of the reporters driving to several different luxury hotspots around the city providing deeper background about the trends and current economic climate that have led to buildings like CityCenter DC, Four Seasons Residences, and Turnberry Tower just to name a few.

The full article also goes into detail about some high-profile single family home sales that have taken place this year. Since January of this year eleven homes in the DC area have sold for over five million dollars, which is three times the number that sold during the same time frame a year ago.

Click here to read about some of the individuals who purchased them as well as the broader context about what is happening to real estate in our nation’s capital.

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