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MRIS Celebrates Contact Center Week 2010

June 17, 2010  |  by Cassie

Support Center RepMRIS knows that smart companies constantly enhance the quality of their customer service. Contact Center Week brings both recognition and attention to the nearly 40 people we have ready to assist MRIS customers every day.

At MRIS, we know how much having help just a phone call (or keyboard) away means to our customers. They use our tools to make their real estate businesses productive, successful and profitable. With a number of new technologies and tools in the marketplace, the assistance provided by our Support Center has become even more valuable. Whether it’s help with logging in, using a different internet browser, or seeking help from a third-party tech provider, our customer service representatives go to great lengths to give MRIS customers the help they need right away.  During this special Week, we want to recognize them for all the value they provide and how much they matter in the overall success of MRIS’ business.

From a number of roles within our Support Center, MRIS staff members have said:

Contact Center Week is important and special to me, because it gives us the opportunity to bond with each other and celebrate our hard work. – Jacqueline Edwards, Technical Support Representative

It’s special to me for it shows how much we value our co-workers and the hard work they do. MRIS is truly my second family. – Antonio Ross, Workforce Analyst

Director of Support Center, Carmen Hodges, planned a week of food and fun to celebrate the spirit of her department. Tuesday’s “Team Day” invited everyone to wear their favorite sports team jersey, resulting in a little regional Redskins vs Others rivalry and colorful national pride in the midst of World Cup 2010. Wednesday’s Ice Cream Social should keep everyone energized for responding to and helping customers and Friday’s Carnival theme will celebrate the start of summer.

“This kind of dedication deserves some thanks,” adds MRIS CEO David Charron. In an email to all staff, David pointed out that it’s important to recognize the people who work on the frontlines serving and supporting our customers.

To our customers: If you’ve had a great experience with the MRIS Support Center, we’d love for you to share. Email your comment to or post a comment here.

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