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December 15, 2010  |  by Cassie

If there’s one thing we really like to do over here at MRIS, it’s listen.  That’s the number one way to ensure we’re rolling out tools and sites that make our customers’ lives easier.

We recently heard from many customers that the iPad has become your “can’t live without it” gadget in 2010. Being on the road all the time we understand why the iPad is a key tool to take along to any meeting, open house, or showing appointment, and so we thought it the perfect time for us to answer back with an iPad-compatible site.

Earlier this month, we launched the optimized MRIS iPad homepage.  Now you can easily navigate all pages and features of directly on your iPad. And we’re not stopping there. We are currently hard at work on a fully compatible Matrix/Keystone interface for the iPad as well as other mobile applications.  

As technology evolves and new hardware is released, we want to make sure your favorite MRIS tools are readily available on all of your mobile devices. We are excited about the continued rollout of the iPad interface and would love to hear your feedback. How has the iPad helped to improve your business? And how has the site on iPad made your job easier?   Let us know!

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5 responses to “ joins the iPad community”

  1. Cathy B says:

    Do you have a plan for it to work with the Galaxy Tab (Android)?

  2. That was really necessary – I love my iPad2 and need the info from MRIS. Thanks!!!!

  3. Angela M. says:

    Need this app on IPad.

  4. Dan says:

    When I go to the MRIS website from Safari and try to log on, it always gives an error message that more information is required? any thoughts. I downloaded the app, but would prefer to use the traditional MLS. When I called the MRIS help line, I was told this would not work because the ipads don't have flashplayer. I know it works for other agents because I see them using it.

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