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MRIS Compliance Games Event 5: Bonus Event

August 12, 2016  |  by Michelle

dreamstime_xs_45379092The final event of the 2016 MRIS Compliance Games is here! Today’s event consists of miscellaneous bonus questions so everyone gets an extra chance to increase his or her chances of winning!

Go for the gold, and finish out strong by playing in this last and final event for the MRIS 2016 Compliance Games. Feel free to “warm up” for the events here. Be sure to log in to access all the resources.

Also, we are holding the event open until Monday morning so you can still participate! Here are links to the week’s other events in case you need to catch up:

Event 1: Coming Soon Status
Event 2: Photos and Videos
Event 3: Accuracy Counts
Event 4: On the Internet

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7 responses to “MRIS Compliance Games Event 5: Bonus Event”

  1. Tom Orth says:


  2. Joanna says:

    Great Games! This was an excellent way to review.
    Thank you for putting this together.

  3. Excellent and important game questions for testing your knowledge about them.

  4. Very good questions to test your knowledge..

  5. Ann barrett says:

    I liked the format and the questions. fun.

  6. Carmen says:

    When are you going to post winners? I thought they would be posted by Monday.

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