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MRIS Compliance H.E.L.P.S. Correct 90% of Issues Within 48-Hours

May 15, 2012  |  by Michelle

We’re committed to maintaining the best, most accurate listing information available. That’s why the MRIS Compliance Department reviews roughly 20,000 potential listing issues a month.

To ensure that MRIS data contains the most accurate listing information available, warning notifications are sent to listing agents if data corrections are needed.  Once a warning notification is sent, 90% of listing agents make corrections within 48 hours!

We thank you for your speedy response as we work together to ensure MRIS data accuracy.

So remember, Compliance:

Handle notifications

Educate customers

Listen to concerns

Protect data integrity

Strengthen listing information

Visit to skim through great resources like the MRIS Rules and Regulations, Compliance DOS and DONT’S and more.

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4 responses to “MRIS Compliance H.E.L.P.S. Correct 90% of Issues Within 48-Hours”

  1. Jed says:

    The issue isn't the 90% that correct it, it's the 10% that don't and all of the agents who are deliberately pushing incorrect listing information. There are agents double listing properties, withdrawing and re-posting listings repeatedly, faking public record entries so the DOMP doesn't track, and a host of other violations that are intentionally undertaken and yet MRIS does nothing to prevent these habitual offenders. The compliance department needs more teeth and the grace period prior to issuing a fine should be reduced or even eliminated for those who are repeat offenders.

  2. Jed, we appreciate your comments and rest assured, Compliance is very aware of issues like this. We're constantly revising policies and adding more tech tools to track behavior. Keep an eye out for more on this subject and thanks for speaking out.

  3. Michelle_MRIS says:

    90% of all infractions are corrected within 2 days. The other 10% takes a bit longer. Fines are used as a sanction when the listing is not updated based on a warning notification.

    Missing Tax ID numbers was an issue for the Compliance Department. To address this issue, the MRIS Compliance Department updated its auditing system. Under the new auditing system, when a listing is added without a valid Tax ID number, the listing agent is sent a notice within one hour of submitting the listing. The agent has 72 hours to either update the listing with the correct ID number or contact MRIS if there is an unusual circumstance. Unless, the Tax ID number appears in the MRIS public records, the agent cannot add the tax ID number. Agents who habitually manipulate Tax ID numbers are sanctioned.

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