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Don’t Like Having to Change Your Password Twice A Year?

June 25, 2013  |  by Jess

Next month we will streamline our login process and adjust our SafeMLS password policy to make logging in easier for you!

What does this mean for you? 

1. You will be able to log in with only your MRIS ID and password. No PIN required!

2. The six month password change policy will become a thing of the past as we will be extending the time between SafeMLS password changes to a full year!

Please Note: To facilitate this important change, ALL MRIS systems will be temporarily offline from 10pm to 12am on July 2, 2013. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

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21 responses to “Don’t Like Having to Change Your Password Twice A Year?”

  1. Stephanie Galloway says:

    Great News!!! Thank you!

  2. Bobbie McCarty says:

    Much for convenient. Thanks!

  3. What about extending the time one can stay logged in. This is just plain frustration to have to log in several times a day especially when a person calls in and you have timed out. User should stay active until he or she decide to log out.

  4. Ann Micharl says:


  5. Maggie Arnold says:

    Great news!!!

  6. Calvin Mayo says:

    This will be a big improvement that we all can appreciate

  7. Susan Nelson says:

    Ditto on the desire to extend the online time … being logged off is very annoying … especially for people who work at home in a setting where no one else accesses their PC! Sure do hope this is taken into consideration.

    'Love the quicker logon sequence and the fact that we won't have to change our passwords as often.

  8. Karen Trainor says:

    Thank you, one less thing to remember…

  9. Moies says:

    Than you. Long overdue

  10. Gwen Wheeler says:

    This is so majorly awesome!!! Thank you for making one less thing to have to remember.

  11. Pam Goldberg says:

    I agree with getting logged out so quickly—more and more are working from home—and this just wastes our time. The new log in will be a big help. What took so long? Don Kyle said it was coming ages ago. And he has been retired for quite a while!!

  12. Lewis says:

    Agreed that the most frustrating part of matrix is the 2 hour timeout/logout
    It accounts for quite a bit of lost productivity, lost your place, lost the work you were in the middle of, logging back in every time a lead calls in…

    Is there anything you can do to help address that?

  13. N>K>Trehan says:

    I lost many time work done while by mistake clicking the X button. It should say "YES " or "NO" to close. Many other programes has this feature. I'm sure everyone will appreciate this feature.

  14. Ramona Williams says:

    I am always open to change but could the changes be made at 11 or later? I am ofter doing reports up until late. Additionally, I find that I have to have two screens open simultaneously while doing a report. Are there any work arounds for this?

  15. Mohammed Hoque says:

    I would actually like it better if we were allowed to choose when I need to change my password. I want to change it when I feel as though I need to. I think changing it every year is unnecessary if we don't need to. It's easier to just have the same password unless there is a need to change it.

  16. I am elated that you are going to allow us to only change our password once a year but I would like to keep the SAME password. When you're on overload and you have a million different passwords working for different websites, programs and other devices, it'd be nice to simply keep the same one. In addition, I am in complete accord regarding staying signed in. When you have something active on your screen that's important, get called away and you go back only to find you've been signed out, it's very frustrating. If we are on our own PC, IPad or laptop, we should be able to stay signed in plain and simple. If it's a private computer it just makes sense.

  17. MRIS_Jess says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for commenting. We're excited about the PIN removal and password change timeframe, too. Also, we want to let you know that we are considering your comments as we evaluate our current system time out process, and we really appreciate your taking the time to let us know how you feel.

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