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MRIS Region Sees Some Of The Highest Average Downpayments In The Country

August 14, 2015  |  by Ellen

Lending Tree has released data for the average downpayment size for every state and Washington D.C. ranks the highest, with Virginia and Maryland falling not far off from the top ten. The District averaged downpayments that were 21.03% of the home price, while Virginia and Maryland were 16.99% and 17.01% respectively. MRIS does have a presence in part of West Virginia, which is one of the states with the lowest downpayment average (15.24%), but that is for the state as a whole. Keep in mind this is based only on information from Lending Tree customers, but it still helps illustrate the trends taking place around the country.

You can read more takeaways from the report here and see a full map with each state’s average below:

LendingTree Map of State Average Downpayments

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