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MRIS Remembers Former Chairman, Adam D. Cockey, Jr.

November 7, 2012  |  by David Charron

Last week, a great friend of MRIS passed away. Our esteemed former Chairman of the Board, Adam D. Cockey, Jr., was an instrumental part of MRIS’s growth, and more than that, a dear friend and trusted advisor. Adam was Chairman of MRIS from 2001-2011 and we benefitted greatly from his leadership and guidance. He helped transition MRIS from a promising company to one of the largest MLS’s in the country.

Throughout his career, Adam exhibited incredible leadership, sound judgment and grace under pressure. I admired Adam’s integrity, energy and compassion. With all of these traits (and many others) that defined him, he was also the most accessible man I ever met. Read the full obituary from the Baltimore Sun.

Many of you are aware of the MRIS Adam D. Cockey Jr. Community Leadership Award that was created earlier this year. This annual award is a wonderful tribute to a generous man who dedicated over 40 years to philanthropic efforts. Adam often said this quote by Sir Isaac Newton “if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Adam was definitely a giant and the lessons he taught us will surely last a lifetime.

 He will be missed by all of us. Thanks for everything Adam!

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4 responses to “MRIS Remembers Former Chairman, Adam D. Cockey, Jr.”

  1. Don Kyle says:


    Very well written comments about a very well-deserved man. He was a giant and I am a better man for having spent time with him.

    Don Kyle

  2. jonathan melnick says:

    i am very sad to learn of adams passing. i cherish the memories of having worked together and i will always have respect for his kindness and depth of character. adam was truly a “mench” .

  3. Gary H. Ditto says:

    I was a member of the Montgomery County Assoc. of Realtors at the time of the transition from our own MLS to MRIS. It was a time of great confusion and we took a huge risk and moved in the direction of the MRIS. We really the blind leading the blind. But it worked and many thanks to Adam and others who built this incredible system that has advanced the Realtor community.

    Gary H. Ditto

  4. David Charron says:

    Thanks all for the kind remarks. Adam was such a good guy and surely one we will all miss.

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