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MRIS Training & Development — the Best Keeps Getting Better!

December 17, 2012  |  by John Heithaus

In 2012, the team at MRIS embarked on a strategic initiative to increase the effectiveness and scope of our professional training and education programs. Ably led by team manager, Cassie Clancy and with active participation and brainpower offered by our Training Specialists Justin Fry and Diane Ives — and expert scheduling and logistics management by Destiny Slawson — I’m pleased to report that by every metric, the team met and exceeded our ambitious goals — with customer satisfaction levels reaching new highs every month — over 75% rated our programs as excellent.

2011 Total Students: 3,947

2012 Total Students trained: 6,303 (59.6% increase YTD)

2011 Total Virtual (webinar) students: 874

2012 Total virtual students: 1,359 (55.4% increase YTD)

Of primary note is our tremendous success with MRIS TV as a training tool (the green line in the graph) with as nearly 4,000 views a month!

Here’s MRIS expert Training Specialist Justin Fry teaching the Xactsite 101 and Xactsite 201 webinars via Webinar.

Justin had about 7 attendees in the 101 class where we taught them how to edit their website and some of the other cool tricks like making links, widgets, and uploading content files.

He also had 5 attendees in the 201 class where we taught some of the extra rDesk Marketing features like how to make Flyers, Email-drip campaigns, Buyers Tours, and CMAs.


MRIS knows that training is essential to our “value proposition” and, more important, that virtual “on demand” training aids your productivity so you can access training on your terms and not travel to a session if it’s not convenient for you.

We congratulate everyone on the team at MRIS who’ve worked hard to make this happen and look forward to more growth in 2013! Many thanks for a job very well done! 

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