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MRIS-U Quick Tip: Give Your Buyers Mortgage Estimates Directly Within Matrix Auto Emails

November 3, 2015  |  by Ellen

Sweet Tips!

All MRIS customers have free access to a handy tool for sharing your preferred lenders directly within any Matrix+ email you send your clients. RatePlug drops in an interactive mortgage calculator right after the body of the email. Here’s an example of what appears after the listing:

Sample mortgage information and calculator for Matrix emails using RatePlug.

Sample mortgage information and calculator for Matrix+ emails using RatePlug.


This way your buyers don’t have to leave the listing email in order to estimate their mortgage payments—which increases the chances the spend more time looking through the information you have sent them.

Here are all the features that come with RatePlug:

  • You can choose up to three lenders to be displayed
  • Displays calculations based on the listing being viewed
  • Delivers interactive, real-time mortgage programs, payment and qualifying information to the agent’s clients
  • Allows homebuyers to conduct “what if” scenarios to find the most suitable financing possible
  • Provides homebuyers an efficient means to engage lenders reducing the time to settlement and closing
  • Displays links to Mortgage Information on emailed property displays for residential properties that are Active, Under Contract, Contingent with Kick Out and Contingent with No Kick Out, in the Customer Full, Customer Short and Customer Synopsis displays. Note: The link to the Mortgage Info will be located just to the right of the List Price

Learn more about how to use RatePlug in our webinar – MRIS 201: Maximize Your Productivity with MRIS. Upcoming sessions for in-person MRIS 201 classes can be found here. All of RatePlug’s features are free as a part of your core MRIS subscription. Go here to sign up.

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