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MRIS-U Quick Tip: How to Create Listing Flyers From Keystone

October 20, 2015  |  by Tera

Sweet Tips!

Are you looking for easy ways to promote your listings? We’ve got another MRIS-U Quick Tip taken from Keystone 201: Promoting Your Listings to help you. 

If you need to create flyers to promote your listings, MRIS Marketing Center has got you covered. This core product included in your MRIS subscription allows you to create marketing materials using the information and photos from your listing. With more than twenty designs for brochures/flyers/postcards, these are perfect for open houses or mailing campaigns.

keystone-flyersThe easiest way to access MRIS Marketing Center is from the “Flyers” icon on the right side of a listing on the Keystone Homepage.

From there, the Project Wizard will guide you though the process as you build your marketing flyer.

You can create original materials using your own photos and text, but if you want to use exactly what is in your listing you can select which information to import from Keystone with just a few clicks.

Once created, your marketing pieces can be shared in a number of ways, depending on what works for you. Have your fliers professional printed, share them on your website and to social media, email them, or download them to your computer.

Do you use MRIS Marketing Center to create flyers? We want to hear from you!

Did you find this Quick Tip helpful? Join us for Keystone 201: Promoting Your Listings at a location near you or at an online webinar to learn more.

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    I will try it!

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