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MRIS-U Trainer Talks about 2015 Matrix Updates

January 2, 2015  |  by Diane Ives


Have you signed up yet for the Matrix New Features and Fixes for 2015 class? Attend a class and you’ll see all the changes before they arrive.

One new feature will allow you to edit any of the existing summary displays. Let’s say you really like the CMA Agent display but you’ve always wanted MRIS to add a column called Seller Subsidy. You’ll be able to add it yourself and using the html print, you’ll be able to print it out. Watch this video on creating a custom display.

The Print button will work a little differently. The Print Options will all be in one place with the html choices at the top and the PDF choices at the bottom. The Print list will be smart, i.e. remember which print out choices you have made recently and reduce the list to those. To see all of the choices again, click “more”. Watch this video to see the changes for Printing.

Choose an html report if you want to brand it with your Header, print your custom display, print the rental agent report, or the map with the addresses. Choose the PDF reports to get the reports you are used to, formatted for printing. The tax record print out is available under the pdf choices. To choose more than one report, hold down the ctrl key before making your choices.

Updating your personal information will be easier and more convenient than ever before. From My Matrix/Settings, click My Information where you will see links for your Header & Footer, Mobile Header, CMA Cover Sheet, Email+ Information, and Email Signature. Watch the My Information video.

The Header & Footer is used to brand your Email+ and/or html print outs. The Mobile Header will brand the Email+ client portal when opened on a mobile device.

Format your Email signature with Bold, Italics, superscript, numbered or bulleted lists, text font/size/ color as well as add a photo, logo, or other graphic.

Create an Email+ client portal greeting or use this space to enter your marketing slogan.

Another new feature you’ll want to know about is Notes. Add notes or comments on listings you have sent to your clients. Read notes your clients have made on listings.

These are just a few of the many things we will go over in class. You won’t want to miss this preview of changes. Click here to enroll in a class near you.

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