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My Airbnb Biz Got Me Evicted, Here’s What I Learned: Fast Company

July 9, 2012  |  by John Heithaus

Just read a great article in Fast Company about someone who became a “landlord” via one of the “home sharing sites” and, as a result, had some real life lessons from the “real” landlord.

I love that real estate is such an interesting profession and that we learn from circumstances like these. Here’s an excerpt: “Imagine your landlord or neighbors have no idea what Airbnb does or how it works–then imagine they find your listing. How would it come off? My landlord thought I was running an actual bed-and-breakfast business, and suspected I was making far more money than I actually was.” The full article is here. BTW, this is the second article in the series. The first one, “How Airbnb Earned Me $20,000 And A Restraining Order From My Landlord” is found here.


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