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National Association of Realtors Publishes Results of Community Preferences Survey

November 5, 2013  |  by Ellen

NARchart The latest national survey about what homeowners want in a home is out from NAR and amongst the many takeaways the most obvious trend is a strong preference for living in a single-family house. While the preference for living in a condo or apartment did almost double from the prior survey (8% in 2011) it is still only 14% of respondents who cited this as a preference. Related to this trend is the statistic that four out of ten people who currently live in a city said they would prefer to live in the suburbs or rural area.

Other fascinating facts include: the importance of privacy from neighbors and places to take walks edges out the preference for high quality public schools; about half of respondents said they were willing to pay more in taxes to improve public transportation; and most people (particularly women) want a large yard. Here is the link to the full PDF of the report with plenty of easy-to-read graphics and charts. Click through for a solid recap on what today’s homeowners want in terms of location, house style, local amenities, parking and transportation, and just about any other topic that relates to where we live.

Pie chart from National Association of Realtors.

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2 responses to “National Association of Realtors Publishes Results of Community Preferences Survey”

  1. Robert Thomas says:

    This does not square at all with the phenomenal rise in prices of inner city row houses in D.C. and apartment living in NYC. My guess is the survey simply posed the question in the abstract, not taking account of the trade-offs one must make to have a city with nothing but single family houses. Such cities, e.g. Houston, Atlanta, are not prospering with the younger generation of professionals. Nor do such surveys help explain the rapid drop in prices of the outer suburbs during the last recession. Banks still will not give any equity for raw land.

  2. Harriet Pressler says:

    Thank you for NAR updated survey. I would like to see an NAR survey on Active Seniors & Retirees Community Preferences nationally. Do you anticipate such a survey and if so, when do you expect to publish the info? We are both 71 and semi-retired & continue debating several issues & choices as to which city & state we prefer to permanently retire. We have several friends agonizing over the same issue as well and would love NAR's input with overall results as to top 10 retirement places & why (i.e., low taxes: no state income taxes, no state sales taxes, no inheritance taxes, low property taxes

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