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Natitude: Why D.C. Is Doing So Well

August 7, 2012  |  by John Heithaus

In the past year or so, I have blogged and given many interviews on this topic yet David Leonhardt, the Washington bureau chief of The New York Times, has put together a solid case on why the headline is true. Read the FULL ARTICLE here (NO subscription required for this article.) Here’s a snippet: “According to a Gallup poll, Washington is the country’s most economically confident region. The Nats’ marketing department has come up with a slogan that happens to fit the mood: Natitude.”

As noted by the chart below that accompanies the article, the greater DC area offers a sound opportunity for a home buyer and seller to do well. This is a must-read for real estate professionals and we recommend you print copies of the article, post it on your websites and share it at sales meetings!

Not only is our Unemployment (helped of course by massive stimulus spending) favorable, but note the 2000-2012 housing price growth of 4x the national average, even with the 2008 crash factored in. Also note that average Personal Incomes are 50% greater than the national figures, which means more qualified buyers for home sellers.


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2 responses to “Natitude: Why D.C. Is Doing So Well”

  1. Tom Cryer says:

    I guess I just found out where all our tax dollars go…

  2. MRIS_CMO says:

    Absolutely, Tom … it's stimulus spending in the first degree. Keynesian at that! Thanks for your comment and keeping track of us from Denver!

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