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Navigating the Tabs in the New Version of Matrix is as Easy as 1-2-3

January 6, 2014  |  by Jess

Changes are coming to Matrix, and we want to make the transition as easy as possible for MRIS subscribers.

One of the keep pieces changing is how you search. The introduction of hover buttons to the menu will be a little different, but since many of today’s sites use hover menus, it probably won’t be too unfamiliar to you. However, the new tabs at the top right and the terms used may take some getting used to. These tabs are Criteria, Map and Results. A good way to remember what these tabs do is to think of them as objects instead of actions.

Here’s what we mean:

1. Criteria (formerly “Revise”) – In the new version of Matrix, this is where you’ll start your search process by inputting the criteria that you want to search for in Matrix. You’re used to seeing the word “Revise” in the current version of Matrix, but what you’re actually doing is entering your criteria. Therefore, think of Criteria as the new “Revise.”

2. Map (formerly “Map Search”) – This term hasn’t changed much, but the way it will function in the new version of Matrix is a little different than what it is now. The map in the new version is integrated into Matrix searches, meaning that as you add or remove criteria to your property search, your results on the map will change. The results on the map will also change when you draw shapes (radius, rectangle, polygon) and choose to include, exclude or delete those selections.

3. Results (formerly “Search”) – Remember the list of properties you saw when you clicked “Search”? In the new version of Matrix, these are now called “Results,” which makes sense because what you really want to view are the results of the search you’ve just performed.

Matrix Tabs

As you can see from the image above, these new tabs are laid out in a logical order for performing a listing search. You enter your criteria, determine the exact locations on the map where you want to search and then get a list of results for your client.

Another cool feature that you’ll appreciate is the “Count on the Fly.”

Question: Has this ever happened to you? You’ve entered in your criteria, clicked search and then you see “1-25 of 500+” as your results, or you click “Count” and see that your search has returned over 1000 listings. Who has time to go through all those listings? With Count on the Fly, you’ll see the numbers reduce as you add more criteria.

You won’t have to click the “Count” button anymore. You’ll already know!

Keep checking the blog as well as for the latest news on Matrix. Also, if you feel like you need extra training, check for the schedule of classes for MRIS 301 and Matrix 101. Classes are filling up fast, so don’t miss out!

Please note: We are testing Matrix on Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers, but we are no longer testing it on Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) and older. Since these older browsers are untested so you may experience bugs/problems when using our systems. We recommend upgrading to a more modern browser. Visit for options.

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13 responses to “Navigating the Tabs in the New Version of Matrix is as Easy as 1-2-3”

  1. Bill Woodcock says:

    Sounds great, and I'll bet it's been tested extensively so this'll be great.

  2. Tony Shore says:

    These seem like changes just for changes' sake rather than necessary improvements. Changes like this should not be made unless there is a problem that needed fixing. It seems every time someone needs to justify their job a change like this gets made and long-time users of the system must take the time to adjust. Changing "search" to "results"? Really? What was the pressing need behind this change? There are more pressing issues that should be addressed.

  3. Jim Agnew says:

    I agree that we do have many pressing issues with matrix, however I am happy to see any changes which improve and streamline the whole process. When may we see these changes active

  4. Kirstin Lebert says:

    "Matrix Is Changing in Early 2014"

    It looks to me like it's now 26 March 2014……….just what is meant by "early 2014????

  5. Bob says:

    I agree with Tony!! Changing "search" to "results' is ridiculous. It certainly isn't intuitive. How can you have results before you search. I am also tired of seeing "Matrix Is Changing in Early 2014". It's not mid 2014. make the change and stop telling us about it. The "new Matrix video" is useless if we can't get into it and try it out.

  6. Charles says:

    Changing a few words is not going to make it run any better. I agree with Bob.

  7. Nancy says:

    I agree with many of the posts here. MRIS & Matrix seem to make changes just to justify the quarterly fee. Much of Matrix is just fine, thank you. Change for change sake is not beneficial. Don't fix what isn't broken!

  8. Sue says:

    You have missed the window of "early" and now we are in the Spring market and don't have time for dealing with the problems that are going to occur. Seems you always make these changes when it suits you and not when it is best for the user. I agree that these changes ( search to results – really?) seem like a way to justify someones job. You should wait until the 4th quarter when the market is slower.

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