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Neal’s Tips for Automated Watched Listings in Matrix

April 27, 2012  |  by Neal

Now that the weather and the market are both heating up, there may be listings your buyer is interested in, but for various reasons cannot make an offer on (the list price may be too high or the property is under contract). To keep track of these listings we offer Watched Listings. The Watched Listings icon can be found on most search result displays. When this icon is selected, you can track any updates to the listings by clicking on “Watched Listings” in the My Matrix tab. However, instead of manually checking Watched Listings every day, here is a time saving tip to automate the process.


1. Set yourself up as a Contact.
2. Find the listing(s) you want to watch by using a criteria or quick (MLS #) search.
3. Click on the “Cart” button and select yourself from the contact drop down list.
4. Select the listing(s) you want to watch and click the “Add To” button.
5. Click on the “View“ button to access your Cart.
6. Click on the “Save As” button and select “New Auto Email”.
7. Select yourself as the Contact.
8. Enter “Watched Listings” as the subject.
9. Set the schedule (make sure every day is selected).
10. The system will send you an email. Make sure you click on the “View Listings” link to start the auto emails.
11. Matrix will now automatically email you any changes to the listings you are watching.

This is just one of the many time saving tips your Client Alliance Manager can demonstrate. Click here to request an office visit.

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5 responses to “Neal’s Tips for Automated Watched Listings in Matrix”

  1. Karen Click says:

    This is exactly what I needed a refresher on…THANKS!

  2. Gary downs says:

    This is exactly why I called the MRIS help desk a few months ago. They werevunable to help. It seems they did not really understand how it worked. I suggest you make ure the Dek is aware of all your tips.

    Thanks for publishing this tip. I intend to use it today.

  3. Jeanie says:

    Wow! I have wished for a feature like this numerous times. Thanks so much! Now if you can just make the font size larger on the Settlement Express pdf of the "Estimated Settlement Costs" for all our clients over 50, that would be REALLY be appreciated!


  4. Eleonore Gerstenfeld says:

    Thanks Neal for this great tip, I intend use it..
    Eleonore G

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