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New Additions to Media Connect are on the Horizon While KPU is Scheduled to “Sunset”

July 26, 2011  |  by Tim

Starting next week, Keystone Photo Upload (KPU) will no longer be available as an option to upload photos.  Since the launch of Media Connect in early May, there have been two photo upload options to help transition into using a brand new (and highly improved) photo upload system.  But the time has come to “sunset” KPU and to start using Media Connect if you haven’t already transitioned.



Key Benefits of Media Connect:

  • Batch upload multiple photos in minutes
  • Add photo descriptions in your own words
  • Submit to the MLS only when you’re ready
  • Mac compatible on any device that supports Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash makes Media Connect work its wonders, and must be downloaded prior to uploading photos.  Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player now!

So what’s on the horizon for Media Connect? Well, it’s looking bright – literally. Starting Monday, photo editing with Media Connect will allow you to increase or decrease photo brightness and contrast.  With a sliding tool bar, easily adjust the photo to give it the desired look you want.  No need to edit photos outside of Media Connect  – all the tools you need for zooming and adjusting brightness will soon be available!

The image below is an example of what will be available next week!

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One response to “New Additions to Media Connect are on the Horizon While KPU is Scheduled to “Sunset””

  1. Eleonore Gerstenfeld says:

    Looking forward to Media Connect.We have come a long way since MRIS first started. Do you remember?
    I do . It is good to know MRIS is moving right along to help us with the latest products.

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