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New Facebook Feature Could Help Real Estate Agents

June 14, 2013  |  by Ellen

Earlier this week Facebook announced they were going to roll out a new feature called Public Conversations, but those of you already familiar with Twitter or Instagram will know this as “hashtags.” This is the number sign (#) that people include in front of a phrase that allows that phrase to show up in a keyword search. For example, if someone searches #election, all the postings that also include #election will show up in the results. People use this function for everything from sports teams to restaurants to funny phrases. Now agents will be able to use it to their advantage too.

We already talked about using hashtags to get noticed by neighborhood blogs on Twitter, but now that the option will be available to all Facebook users it opens up so many more possibilities. The biggest plus is that more information can be included since Facebook doesn’t have a 140 character limit. Agents can not only post information about a home that has #hardwoodfloors in #Potomac, but they can search for popular topics and use that to learn about a neighborhood. School names and community events will certainly start to gather a hashtag following, as will the names of existing condo buildings and ones that are under construction. The hashtag is ultimately a streamlined way to have a ‘conversation’ about a subject via social media. This means agents can both get information out there about their listing or tap into the pulse of a community by finding out what they’re talking about.

Editor’s note: When marketing properties using social media you must provide the necessary disclosures required by your State Licensing Laws and MRIS. Displays of minimal information (e.g. “thumbnails”, text messages, “tweets”, etc.) of two hundred (200) characters or less are exempt from this requirement only when linked directly to a display that includes all required disclosures. Display of other brokers’ listings is subject to IDX rules.

If you have any questions, please contact MRIS Compliance at (301) 838-7140 or visit

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