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New Keystone Enhancements Are Here!

May 6, 2014  |  by Jess

Keystone Enhancements are Here!

We’ve been talking about these Keystone enhancements on the blog for a few weeks now, and we are happy to report that they were released last night!

In case you missed it, here’s an overview on what’s been updated:


Low resolution photos may look blurry on Matrix, MRIShomes, IDX sites and other sites displaying the image. Keystone now alerts you when you upload photos that are lower than the minimum recommended photo size of 1024 x 768 pixels or greater with a Low Resolution Warning icon (an orange triangle with an exclamation point in the center). If you hover over the icon, you will see the full message.

We encourage customers to please upload the largest size photos you have of your listing. Media Connect will re-size the photos for you.

We’ve also made significant reductions in the upload time of photos. Changes we made to the upload process are expected to reduce your total upload time by 30-50% (depending on your network, of course). Save time and upload all 30 photos at once!

Keystone UpdatesDefinitions

Don’t know what a particular field name or Picklist option means? We’ve added definitions for almost every field name and almost every Picklist option. Simply click the field name label to view a definition.

Improved Search

Some significant improvements have been made to Search. You can Search by Address and perform searches using the search box on your Keystone Homepage. If your simple search doesn’t yield any results, you’re now prompted to perform an Advanced Search using a more detailed search form. Also, the My Office link will offer one-click access to all of your office’s listings, if your broker has authorized this feature.


Adding rooms to your listing now requires fewer clicks, and you are now able to sort your rooms so that they display in the most marketable order! When submitting listings without rooms, you’ll get a reminder to add them. You can continue adding your listing without rooms included, if you prefer, but keep in mind that buyers find rooms information valuable.

New Water Fields

New fields have been added to the Water section of Keystone to improve the marketability and search for water-oriented properties.

These new fields include:

  • View/Accessibility
  • Body Of Water Type
  • Distance To Body Of Water
  • Water Use Types
  • Waterfront Features & Improvements
  • # of Slips
  • Dock Features & Improvements
  • Dock Slip Conveyance
  • Mean Low Water Feet

To learn more about these water fields, click here.

Other items:

Remarks Clarification – We adjusted the label on the two remarks fields to help agents understand which group will see the remarks (agent-to-agent vs. agent-to-consumer).

Standard Transaction Type – We removed the word “Sale” from the transaction type “Standard Sale” since it is used by both sale and rental listings.

New Show Instruction Picklist Item – We added the item “Schedule Online” to our picklist options under Show Instructions. This is a highly requested change from customers who use the ShowingTime product for their listings and will help identify the preferred method of scheduling showings to agents in Matrix.

If you’re more of a visual learner, click here to watch this video on the enhancements.

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8 responses to “New Keystone Enhancements Are Here!”

  1. Ray Padgett says:

    How about controlling those little instruction boxes when trying to enter something in them. They keep getting in the way- Now would be a good time since we now have definitions.

  2. Nathaniel X. Arnold says:

    Great Job! I have a thought. When doing a map search, can you have preprogramed parameters like, 1/2 mile radius, 1/25 mile radius. That would make my searches so much easier! Thanks

  3. Mark Melikan says:

    Can you add a field specifically for "Den"? So many people would like to search for a 2 bedroom with a den rather than just a 3 bedroom. It would be nice to be able to search that way vs going through each listing looking for it.

  4. Make SCHOOLS mandatory, unless it is a 0- or 1-bedroom!

  5. Kevin Andrews says:

    Is there a plan to add CSS for scheduling online as option similar to Showing Time? CSS is more widely used in the Washington/Baltimore/Northern VA area.

  6. MAP = please add the amount of time it takes to get to each home! That way we can schedule the showings easier! THANKS!

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