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New Keystone Homepage Enhancements to Improve Your Workflow

November 27, 2012  |  by Jess

Your Keystone Homepage just got even better with some new enhancements designed to improve your daily workflow. The next time you visit Keystone, you’ll find a variety of new tools to save you time (and clicks):

  • Location/Push Pin Activity – Instead of having to click into a listing to edit the property push pin location, you can now modify the location of any of your listings directly from your Keystone Homepage. Simply click on the Location icon in the Activity section to more accurately place your listing location and improve search results. You will also receive a message if your push pin location is inaccurate so you can correct it if needed. Watch this short overview video to learn more!


  • Successful Submission Message – No more wondering if your listing was submitted successfully! Now when you submit a listing in Keystone, you will be conveniently redirected back to the Keystone Homepage where you will receive a listing submission confirmation message with the MLS#. 


  • ‘My Office Listings’ Link* – Agents in the same office have always had the ability to access and update each other’s listings. The new ‘My Office Listings’ feature makes it easier for agents, assistants, teams and others in your office to work together and edit office listings right from your own Keystone Homepage. If your broker has chosen to display this option, you will see a new link for ‘My Office Listings’ at the top left hand side of your Keystone Homepage.

We encourage you to check out these new features in Keystone today! For Keystone Homepage videos, user guides and other helpful resources, please visit

*Please note: The ‘My Office Listings’ link is an optional feature that can be setup by Brokers through their Broker Preferences on the Keystone Homepage. If your Broker chooses not to display this link or has not set it up, you will not see the ‘My Office Listings’ tab. Brokers: Click here to learn how to activate this feature.

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4 responses to “New Keystone Homepage Enhancements to Improve Your Workflow”

  1. Alison Lynch says:

    Is it possible to activate the My Office button only for Admins, not for all agents?

  2. Is it possible to place several open house with different dates for the same address?
    When placing open house information and the spelling is correct, how can you continue when you click to save or submit and it will not except because the program thinks you have the wrong spelling, even though it is correct.

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