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New Matrix Tip of the week: Filter Searches in My Matrix!

October 29, 2010  |  by Anne

Stay tuned for an email next week of the official launch date of the New Matrix! But until then, we will entertain you with some of the fantastic new features that will be implemented in a few short weeks!

Have you heard about the new contact management portion of My Matrix?  This is a fantastic new feature, and a personal favorite of mine.  Why so awesome? Because you don’t have to Copy yourself on future emails out!  We are making  it “Contact Centric,” meaning any point of contact you had with a client is all filed under that client.  You can access saved searches, auto emails, and even direct messages that will show you the Subject Line of the email AND the body of the email!  How many times have you written an email and then it seems impossible to go back and find it?  Well, with the new My Matrix, that problem is no more!

If you have 40 clients or 4,000 clients, you can now easily find who you are looking for by typing their name in the search section.  What is even cooler, and another huge time saver, is the ability to search by filters.  Choose to search from the following filters contacts with:

  • active auto emails
  • inactive auto emails
  • no auto emails
  • who have visited their portal
  • who have not visited their portal
  • who has saved searches
  • who have no saved searches

This filter search option is a great tool to take advantage of when wondering why your clients, the Whites, haven’t gotten back to you about the listings you sent them.  Now, you will be able to go in and see if they have even viewed them in the first place.  If they haven’t even opened the listings, maybe wait a few more days and check in later.  If you see that they did open the listings, but haven’t made contact with you, it might be time for a phone call check up.

With so many possibilities of how to take advantage of the new search filters in My Matrix, staying on top of your clients and having an insight to what they viewing will keep you one step ahead in your business relationship. 

More tips to come, so stay tuned!

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