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The New Matrix is finally here! Trouble finding your saved searches? Check out the first of many Tips to make this transition a breeze!

December 6, 2010  |  by Anne

Beta tested, and MRIS approved!  The New Matrix gets a group thumbs up!  Launched this morning, over 12,000 of you have already experienced all of the great new features Matrix has to offer!  During the first few transition days, we will be communicating some “tips of the day” based on your feedback of common issues we hear through the inbox as well as from the Support Center calls.

“I like the new Matrix, but am having a hard time finding my saved searches” The new Matrix organizes your searches more conveniently for you.  If your search is not tied to an auto email, it will be under the “saved search” tab in My Matrix. If the search, is tied to an auto email it will be under the Auto Email tab. The combination of these two tabs are all your saved searches.

 Have more questions? View any of the  four online tutorials below to check out the new features and see if they addresses any concerns you may have.

 There are still Lunch and Learns with MRIS classes available for a walk through presentation of the new upgrades, as well as hands on training.  From this point on, all MRIS classes will incorporate training around the new enhancements.  For specific Matrix trainings, the following classes are a great option: Matrix, Matrix CMA, and What’s new with MRIS and Matrix.  There are “Hands On” and “Presentation” versions of both classes, so decide which one works for you! Login and check what’s available at

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