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New MRIS Team Member – Adam Iobst

December 27, 2010  |  by Cassie

We have a new team member here at MRIS! Adam Iobst has joined MRIS as a member of the Client Alliance Manager’s (CAM) team. Many of you might be working with Adam in the near future so here is a little bit more about him.

Adam brings 12 years of experience from the real estate industry to MRIS.  He was hand-selected to join us at MRIS because of his real estate, customer support, and training experience which will help us better understand our customers so we can better meet your needs. He has spent the past 7 years as an agent, associate broker, and broker/owner so he fully understands our customers’ business of assisting people through the tricky process of purchasing or selling real estate. Prior to this, he served as a Client Support Manager at CoStar Group, a leading commercial real estate informaton company, where Adam focused on training and support. To learn more about Adam’s professional background, check out his resume online.

Adam joins the current CAM team of Neal Feinberg, Kim Mingo, Don Kyle, and Sue Pinder who direct all of MRIS’ external relationship activities with shareholder associations, brokers and agents. They are all here to make sure that you, the customer, are heard! When you have a chance, drop Adam an email to welcome him to the team.

I had a chance to chat with Adam a few days into his new role here at MRIS, here are a few excerpts from that conversation:

CC: What is your main goal in your new position at MRIS?
AI: My number one goal is to help MRIS clients meet, and even exceed, their business goals in 2011 and well beyond.

CC: What is your vision for the real estate industry short-term, and long-term?
AI: The real estate market is very soft right now. In the short term I believe these market trends will continue; however a rebound will eventually occur and the real estate professionals that are prepared for it will excel. Right now, real estate professionals should be reviewing and “tweaking” their business systems, marketing programs, and planning for the future. In the long term, the real estate professionals that that have best prepared for the market rebound will do very well.

CC: What are you most looking forward to in terms of work at MRIS?
AI: I am most excited about sharing the latest and greatest tools in the real estate industry with the real estate community.

CC: Outside of the job, tell us a little bit about yourself.
AI: I grew up in the Washington DC Metro area and am a big Washington Redskins football fan. I am a family man and enjoy spending time with my wife, Stacey, and our two wonderful kids, Jesse, our 3 year old little boy and Julie, our 10 month old little girl.

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