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New One-Page Photo Reports and More!

June 14, 2012  |  by Tim

The new photo report makes it easy to print out all listing photos at once.  Simply select the “Photo Report – Customer” option in your report list to create the PDF report.

Feel free to select multiple listings and print them at the same time! This is a great report to share with your clients. The Customer Photo Report allows you to:

  • print all listing photos at once
  • view related photo captions

See the example below or visit to see for yourself!

You’ll notice the Photo Comparison Display has been updated as well.  This display is ideal for getting a quick room-for-room visual comparison of listings.  We’ve switched the order slightly so you can get to the information you’re after even faster.  You’ll notice:

  • the primary photo has been moved to the first column.
  • the exterior main photo has been removed, as it is most often the primary photo entered in Media Connect.
  • the exterior rear photo has been added as a column.

We all know how important photos are in differentiating your listings from the competition. With the Photo Comparison Display, buyers can quickly determine which listings they want to read more about and which they are not interested in. Run a search in Matrix and select the Photo Comparison Display to see what your buyers see!  See example below or visit to see for yourself!



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3 responses to “New One-Page Photo Reports and More!”

  1. V. Twigg says:

    This sounds like a very good addition to a very good MLS.

  2. Deb Valainis says:

    I simply love the new "Photo Report – Customer" print option! Good job!

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