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Changing Passwords (or How I Spent the Last 15 Minutes)

December 5, 2013  |  by Garry

PasswordsMy last 15 minutes were spent typing this brief blog to notify you of yet another massive hacking event has occurred (and most likely still occurring) Millions of IDs/Passwords were discovered stolen/hacked from numerous online services. This includes Yahoo, Google, Twitter and more. The 15 minutes prior to writing this was spent safeguarding myself against any embarrassing hacks, financial loss or damage to my computer. I did this by changing all my social media passwords as well as passwords for all online messaging services I use. It’s the end of the year and we are all busy tying up loose ends but this is time worth spending.

MRIS is committed to notifying you about news alerts that could impact your business. We urge you to change all your online passwords immediately – do so often and do not use the same password for multiple sites. If you do – one compromised password is all passwords compromised.

If you believe your email has been hacked – follow these steps to try and recover. ABC News published the following best practices for recovery today. They are the same tomorrow, and every other time you feel your accounts have been breached:

1. Change the password
2. If you can’t change it because it was changed for you by a hacker – call your service provider
3. Report your problem to the service provider
4. Notify people you communicate with from the email so they are aware of what has occurred
5. Scan your computer for viruses
6. Review your email account settings/profile to make sure things have not changed on your behalf. Forwarding addresses, aliases, etc.
7. Change passwords and security questions for other online resources you use.
8. Monitor your credit and any bank activity in case sensitive information was obtained by the bad guys from your email

MRIS has previously offered the following best practices for passwords:

1. Never use dictionary words by themselves (password, summer, winter). Combine them with numbers and characters.
2. Always use strong passwords (combo, alpha numeric, character)
3. Frequently change your password (I hate this as well folks – but this is the world we live in)
4. Do not reuse passwords (I hate this as well folks but this is the world we live in)
5. Never use the same password on multiple sites (NEVER!)
6. Do not share passwords (EVER!)

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