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New Trend: Rent with Option to Buy

October 18, 2011  |  by Anne

Support Center Email Analysts, Laurie E. shares a great tip!

Renting is a trend that may be here to stay for many weary homebuyers, but did you know that you could enter listings as “Rent with option to buy” or search specifically for them in Matrix?  Located in Rental Special and New Financing in Keystone, select the “Rnt w/opt to Buy” option for at least one of the fields.

To search for “Rent with option to buy” listings in Matrix, simply add a field for Rental Special and/or the New Financing.  From their,  select the “Rnt w/opt to Buy” option in the right column.

The picture to the right is an example of how you would add these fields in Matrix. Definitely provide this search as an option to clients, you never know who might be interested! Entering this field correctly in Keystone might be a great option for homeowners that currently rent their property that may want to sell in the near future.


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One response to “New Trend: Rent with Option to Buy”

  1. Isaac Tesfaye says:

    Could also add on rental owners accepts sec8 .voucher field? (Yes) (No) it will make life easy , save great deal of time for Agents.

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