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Now Available: Two New Products to Enhance Your CMAs

March 28, 2012  |  by Debbie

Whether you’re putting a new listing on the market or submitting an offer, determining a property’s market value is an important part of your business. That’s why MRIS is now offering the Home Pricing Wizard and Cloud CMA for those customers looking for supplemental CMA reports to add to their marketing toolkit. Both products allow you to quickly and easily compile and deliver informative reports to clients within minutes. Plus, both products offer free trials for 30 days.

The Home Pricing Wizard allows you to determine a home’s market value using an exclusive three-tier pricing approach with your own value estimate included in the calculation. Impress your clients with these unique property valuation reports that you can create in minutes.

  • Combines data from MRIS with three different property valuation estimates including: average price per square foot, tax assessed value AND an agent’s professional opinion.
  • Generate professional reports with vivid charts and graphs that can be printed or emailed.
  • Offers a seller net sheet with the projected gain or loss on a sliding price scale.

Home Pricing Wizard is brought to you at a discounted rate of $24.95/month and $249.95/year. A free trial is available for 30 days. Learn more!

With Cloud CMA you can instantly create reports by just sending an email from your computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s so easy. If you can use email, you can use Cloud CMA.

  • Create unlimited CMAs, Buyer Tours, Property Reports and Flyers.
  • Blend MRIS data with information from websites like Google, Yelp, Walk Score and
  • Access dozens of report themes, fonts and styles to customize reports.

Cloud CMA is available to MRIS Customers for the discounted price of $24.95/month or $199.95/year. Try Cloud CMA for 30 days for free. Learn more!


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2 responses to “Now Available: Two New Products to Enhance Your CMAs”

  1. dmf says:

    Yet again, instead of providing enhancements for products that customers already pay for, MRIS is instead giving us the "option" of continuing to use mediocre and outdated versions, or paying more for enhancements it should be providing as part of the fees we already are paying.

    This is what happens when monopolies provide critical services for which we have no alternative supplier.

  2. Greg says:

    Cloud CMA has two daily webinars hosted by a live trainer. 1:30PM ET and 4:30PM ET.

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