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On the Horizon: Keystone Enhancements

April 17, 2014  |  by Jess

Keystone UpdatesThanks to your feedback, Keystone is receiving some exciting enhancements!

First off, we are adding new fields and useful perks to Keystone. Don’t worry – these items will not impact your current Keystone workflow, but they just might make your job easier. Here’s a quick rundown:


Low resolution photos may look blurry on Matrix, MRIShomes, IDX sites and other sites displaying the image. Keystone will alert you when you’ve uploaded photos that are lower than the minimum recommended photo size of 1024 x 768 pixels or greater with a Low Resolution Warning message. The maximum photo size you can upload is 2048 x 1536. Photos that are larger are automatically resized.

We’re also making significant reductions in the upload time of photos. Changes we’ve made to the upload process are expected to reduce your total upload time by 30-50% (depending on your network, of course). Save time and upload all 30 photos at once!


Don’t know what a particular field name or Picklist option means? We’re adding definitions for almost every field name and almost every Picklist option. You’ll be able to simply click the field name label to view a definition.

Improved Search

Some significant improvements are being made to Search. You’ll be able to Search by Address and perform searches using the search box on your Keystone Homepage. If your simple search doesn’t yield any results, you’ll be prompted to perform an Advanced Search using a more detailed search form.

Also, the My Office link will offer one-click access to all of your office’s listings, if your broker has authorized this feature.


Adding rooms to your listing will require fewer clicks, and you’ll be able to sort your rooms so that they display in the most marketable order! When submitting listings without rooms, you’ll get a reminder to add them. You can continue adding your listing without rooms included, if you prefer, but keep in mind that buyers find rooms information valuable.

New Water Fields

New fields have been added to the Water section of Keystone to improve the marketability and search for water-oriented properties. These new fields include (click here for a screenshot):

  • View/Accessibility – you can now multi-select items from Water Front, Water Accessible or Water View
  • Body Of Water Type – Choose from a picklist of types of bodies of water (e.g. bay, lake, river, etc)
  • Distance To Body Of Water – From distances of less than .25 of a mile to greater than 1 mile, you can detail how far a property is to its nearest body of water.
  • Water Use Types – Let buyers know what they are able to do on the water (e.g. fishing, boating, kayaking, etc)
  • Waterfront Features & Improvements – Choose from an extensive list of waterfront features and improvements such as exclusive easement, boat/launch ramp, pipestem, rip-rap and more!
  • # of Slips – In addition to number of docks, you’ll be able to add the number of slips to the listing as well.
  • Dock Features & Improvements – What material is the dock made of? Is it a private or public pier? Is the hoist electric or manual? Let the buyer know by filling out this field!
  • Dock Slip Conveyance – Assigned? First come/first served? Available by lease? Select the best option here.
  • Mean Low Water Feet – What do we mean by “Mean Low Water”? MRIS defines Mean Low Water as the average depth of water (in feet) at the existing or potential dock or mooring. This is important in relation to the draft of a boat which is a measurement of how far the boat’s hull will extend underneath the water. The mean low water depth provides a means for a prospective purchaser to determine if the water is navigable for the purchaser’s boat(s).
    Note: Typically, the term Mean Low Water applies to tides. However, we worked with agents with listings on bays, oceans, lakes and rivers to put a real estate spin on this term to assist buyers interested in water-oriented properties.

Other cool items coming with this release:

Remarks Clarification – We adjusted the label on the two remarks fields to help agents understand which group will see the remarks (agent-to-agent vs. agent-to-consumer).

Standard Transaction Type – We removed the word “Sale” from the transaction type “Standard Sale” since it is used by both sale and rental listings.

What’s next for Keystone?

Planned future releases of Keystone will include some exciting updates to school boundaries and listing alert email notifications. We are also creating a “Find” feature. This will help you locate a specific field or Picklist option on the listing form. Also, we are adding more new fields to Keystone throughout the year, so if you have suggestions about fields you feel we are missing, please let us know either in the comments below or by using the Feedback link at the bottom of the screen when you’re in Keystone. All suggestions will be considered.

Stay tuned for more information on Keystone updates!

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39 responses to “On the Horizon: Keystone Enhancements”

  1. Avellaneda maria says:

    Frankly i amnot excited about your new fields , there are more needed fields such as, approved short sale,inground pool vs above ground.

  2. Elaine Walz says:

    It would be nice to have a 55 and over selection.



  3. Audrey Tozer says:

    Rentals are increasing and with the increased volume, a need for better distinction when loading rentals and also when searching rentals. Pets are a big issue with rentals. Searching for rentals for a tenant would be so much easier if a "pets allowed" button were in the search parameters.

  4. Ann says:

    Can you add more labels for the PHOTOS such as foyer, sitting room, pool, deck, breakfast area, and closet? All of these would be very helpful.

  5. W Stein says:

    When is video coming?

  6. says:

    Both agents on a listing should have the listing on their websites. For example When a commercial listing is 50/50. Now only one agent gets credit. It should be both agents equally share credit

  7. Sue says:

    My confusion refers to why the uploading of documents onto to a listing cannot be done until it has been submitted in Keystone vs adding pictures prior to the listing being activated. This would save more time if the everything relative to a new listing could be accomplished at one time.

  8. One thing regarding rentals that has never been modified is in the contract section. There is an item for a move-in fee and also one for "Elevator fee," but not one for a move-in deposit. I have never encountered and elevator fee, but most buildings ask for a refundable deposit along with a non-refundable fee. You might also consider adding "Pet rent" and "Pet deposit (non-refundable)" as possibles.

  9. Ricki says:

    When will the remarks be increased to be able to handle more than 400 characters?

  10. Vivian Lyons says:

    When are you gong to make schools a mandatory field? Although we all know that boundaries can and do change, knowing what the current schools are should be required. It would then be up to the buyer or their agent to confirm with the schools board whether a change is planned.

  11. George says:

    Why do we still have map coordinates as a required field? Very few people use printed media to find their way around and most of the time the response given is GPS.

  12. Greg says:

    Main Level MBR!

  13. We sell a lot of large older homes. We need to have a room picklist for a Parlor (or two). Also a "second kitchen" and a "sitting room" would be good to have.

  14. Wendy says:

    I second Vivian-
    I have clients currently searching for certain School Districts and would be extremely helpful and efficient if we could search by schools! Also would be great if it was a required field, since some listings are missing this. I found many more listings after I mapped out school boundaries in the Map Search.
    Thank you.

  15. Jan Brito says:

    I'd love to see Metro stops on the map. Can you add this?

  16. Carolyn Hoffman says:

    I currently live in Oak Hill…or Herndon. If you sent me something in the mail, both items would be delivered to my home. They're multiple communities within Northern Virginia that have been subdivided over the years, this is based on the addition of a new post office. If I was to list my home on the MLS…should I list it as Oak Hill or Herndon? Someone moving from out of the state may look at a map and only see Herndon, or someone who is local to the area, might search under Oak Hill since they are familiar that it is closer to Tysons. The system should have the capability to pull results based on whether someone seraches for Herndon or Oak Hill, as well as all of the other communites that have been subdivided i.e. Sterling & Lowes Island. Thank you for your consideration!

  17. Shaughn says:

    MRIS rocks! Very impressed with your new UI in Keystone and the ongoing updates to make our lives easier. Any chance your working on a photo upload API with Docusign and/or Google Drive?

  18. Will the new pick list for the type of body of water be able to select stream/creek, or pond as opposed to a larger lake, marsh,

  19. Pam Goldberg says:

    Definitely a section needed for pets in the rental listing and more specifics needed for 55 plus communities.

  20. Sallie McBrien says:

    Once documents are uploaded, display the quantity of files that were loaded. It is a waste of time to click on View Documents only to find the option is empty.

  21. Captain David says:

    Mean low water: Be sure all users see your definition of this term. It differs from everyone else's. Otherwise, boaters who rely on the info and run aground will be pretty angry at the agent AND MRIS. You just can't ignore the word "low" or assume that it means average. Tides happen!
    Captain David

  22. Mary A says:

    When are you going to return to an index of fields, so we can turn to the "Help" button when we get stuck in Keystone? This was so handy in earlier editions of MRIS. Why is it so hard to bring that back?

  23. Rebecca says:

    I agree with Vivian–school field should be mandatory. Too many agents lazily put “call school board,” which doesn’t help us when we have buyers looking in specific districts. Using the map to trace and create our own boundaries is cumbersome and unnecessary. For those worried about lawsuits/boundary changes, the schools could be followed by an asterisk with a note at the bottom stating that it is up to the agent and buyer to verify. This is a MUCH NEEDED change!

  24. Rebecca says:

    Also, Jan has a good point about adding Metro stops, another MUCH NEEDED feature. I have suggested this to MRIS several times but they always give me the same response given here–draw a radius around the Metro station. This is not satisfactory to me. Just like with the schools, it is cumbersome and unnecessary, especially if a client is searching around 20 different Metro stations. I’ve also found that Matrix tends to return errors or take a long time loading when there are too many search areas, or too wide of a search area included, which is another reason this is not a practical solution. The fact is, we live in an area where many people rely on Metro every day to get to school/work, and many people do not even have cars. This is so important to our clients, Matrix should work on adding this feature to assist its members.

    One other feature I would suggest is to REQUIRE inside photos to be posted. In this day and age, there is absolutely no reason to not post photos (almost everyone has a smart phone). Even if the listing is a foreclosure in shambles, it’s going to look like crap in person, so why not let agents and buyers see the photos before deciding to take time out of their schedules to go and see the property. If it’s messy or not ready for pictures, then it is going to be messy in person and not ready to be marketed online yet. It is a huge waste of our time showing properties to agents who are too lazy to take a few pictures so this requirement would protect buyer’s agents and their clients.

    Your other changes look great! Hope MRIS will listen to customers by considering these other important changes that would make agents’ lives much easier.

  25. Phyllis says:

    Would be really nice to be able to have the option of being able to have brochures to choose from, when we submit listings. I am licensed in another state and it is part of what the MLS offers. Basically you have a short version to even more info on the listing. Also gives a picture of the agent along with all there details on how to contact them.

  26. walid says:

    Mean low water: Be sure all users see your definition of this term. It differs from everyone else's. Otherwise, boaters who rely on the info and run aground will be pretty angry at the agent AND MRIS. You just can't ignore the word "low" or assume that it means average. Tides happen!
    Captain David – See more at:

  27. Elizabeth says:

    It would be nice to have additional room labels as one of the other agents commented and it would really help to have Den as an option in the search, since there are many 1bd + den condos in DC area and searching for those is a tedious process because you have to go through all of the 1br and 2 br pictures to see if that is one of the rooms.

    Also, I noticed that the selling agent is no longer listed once a property is under contract. This is a big issue since I use that to make sure the listing agent on my sales has put the property under contract in my name correctly, because that does not always happen. Why was this removed??

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