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Out with the Old…

December 9, 2011  |  by Neal

Hey everyone! I am Neal Feinberg, the Client Alliance Manager for GCAAR, DCAR, FCAR , CCAR, HHAR, EPBR and GCBR. Thanks to you all for your hospitality during my visits to your sales meetings or to teach a Matrix class. I am especially grateful for you not turning off the lights and locking the doors when you see me dropping in unannounced!

As 2011 winds down, now is a good time to plan your transition to the new year. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  1. Review your business plan. Jettison those tactics that are not working, set lofty but attainable goals, and gear up for 2012.
  2. Increase your online presence with an XactSite Website. Add new content to this or any Website by imbedding the Market Watch videos from RBI. Each month the new video will automatically populate, and it’s free! Also, don’t forget your end of year stats from RBI.  They can provide all the data you need to help your customers price right in this market.  Look for the year end stats in February.  And don’t forget the Pending Homes Sales Index (TM), which comes out the 10th of each month.  This report looks at housing trends in the DC and Baltimore Metro Markets.
  3. Speaking of online, build your Social Media presence.  If you aren’t already, now’s the time to create a Facebook Page, start Tweeting and Blogging about the market.  Did you know, Google+ now has business pages?  Offer potential clients tips for buying and selling.  You can even offer incentives!
  4. Print out the Agent Sales Report here ( so you have a written record of all your transactions to apply for those production awards you have earned.
  5. Print out your Annual Statement here ( so you can tell Uncle Sam how much it cost you as a member of MRIS.
  6. By the time you finally get all of those needles out of your carpet the spring market will be upon us. Contact your potential sellers and set an appointment to help them prepare their home for listing.
  7. Send holiday cards to your clients, prospects, and colleagues. Remember, you can export your contacts lists in Matrix to help you prepare your list.
  8. Donate a new, unwrapped gift(s) to Toys for Tots. I guarantee it will bring you more joy than any gift you might receive.
  9. Take a free hands-on MRIS class so you are up to date on all of the latest features to improve your productivity in 2012. Login to to find a class near you.
  10. Schedule a visit from your association’s Client Alliance Manager to update your agents on the latest from MRIS or provide training. Click on “Request An Office Visit” on the home page of
  11. Make sure you get a gift receipt for that “perfect” gift you buy for your spouse or significant something. Experience has taught me that it is the one thing they are sure to use!

The Client Alliance Department and all of MRIS wishes you and your family a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2012. Please tell us your suggestions for starting off the new year right.

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One response to “Out with the Old…”

  1. MRIS_CMO says:

    Neal, thanks for all of your efforts on behalf of our customers. The list above is great, I especially liked the "get the gift receipt" advice, we all learn from that one! Cheers, John

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