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Own Your own SEO With A Long-Tail Strategy

May 26, 2011  |  by Marie

Those Google guys are some smart cookies. So capturing high page rank can be a daunting task but if you understand the mechanics behind it, you can develop an SEO strategy that doesn’t make you feel like you’re spinning your wheels. (Page rank is the page you show up on when someone does a search like with a search engine such as Google). There is paid and organic search, organic is the “natural” ranking your site earns. So how can you achieve the coveted first page?

  • Street cred: The more links from other sites to your site, the better. The key here is relevant links. So if a link to your site appears within content that has to do with sailing, and you are real estate, that may actually hurt you. But if you have links on relevant, quality sites, that helps build your own credibility
  • Keywords in your content: If you have the right key words in your content, Google will find you

So how do you know what keywords to put in your content? Do some research, sign up for Google AdWords and use their Keyword Tool, it’s free! Once you have an AdWords account, it’s under the Reporting and Tools tab. If you’ve never played around in there, and you are a marketing nerd like me, plan to get super excited and spend hours here. AdWords is a great resource to see what terms people are searching for, the popular terms and the niche terms. This is short-tail and long-tail search.

A short tail search term would be for example real estate. There are TONS of people searching for this term (30.4 million per month), if you only focus on adding these short-tail words into your content, yeah there is a large audience out there, BUT you are competing with TONS of other websites, and these people are not as qualified (so they are less likely to convert). A long-tail search term would be, for example, farms for sale in Virginia (which had 6,600 searches per month). So not as many people searching, but these folks are probably serious leads, and are actually looking to purchase a farm. Find out what these long-tail search terms are and make sure they are incorporated into your online content. This will help you compete on Google and attract those niche searchers. Make sure that the terms fit in naturally though, people will know if you are just spitting out keywords, so you may get their click, but you’ll lose their interest quickly, and you don’t want that.

The other thing to explore when developing your search content strategy is key words and phrases that people are searching for that are not property centric. (Remember, you are in the industry, you speak a different language than your audience, you need to adjust your content to speak their language.) “Tips for selling a home” and “Find a real estate agent” both have 4,400 monthly searches. Match these phrases exactly in your content and you will be on your way to Google gold.

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