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Perspectives From the Field: RBI For Your Business by Matthew Rathbun

August 16, 2010  |  by Marie

rbintel Got Market Info?

One of my favorite applications from MRIS is the Real Estate Business Intelligence site.  I know that as Realtors, we are all asked what we think of the market and asked to predict the future.  Often times we try to convey information based on our personal knowledge.  But our perceptions are not always the reality and even if it is, our perceptions are typically not as convincing as independent reports.  Enter: RBIntel. 

This MRIS site is packed with information and reports and best yet, it’s free and easy to access.  On this site you can find information broken down by Association region or county, city and zip.  The site has great charts and easy to use graphs.  Some of them are not in the PDF reports, but using tools like you can create great documents to add to your Listing and Buyer packet that underscore what you’re trying to convey to your clients. 

You can also take the market breakdowns that are in PDF and add them and embed them in your own site for client reference. Additionally, each page as the ability to be shared with your Facebook, Twitter or more…

Here’s a brief walk-through of the site:


embedvideoFor those of us who are maintaining our own sites and blogs, one of the best parts of this tool, is embeddable MarketWatch videos that illustrate our market conditions.

The tool to create the embeddable video is similar to getting the embed code and a bit easier.  These short videos do a great job of painting a picture of the overall market condition for those areas served by MRIS. 

It’s easy and creates a more engaging encounter for your site visitors.

Here’s an example of one of the videos:

All in all, it’s another tool in the agents tool chest and can relieve some liability and responsibility in interpreting market statistics for your clients.

Matthew Rathbun is the Director of Professional Development for Coldwell Banker Elite in Fredericksburg and the owner of Four Pillars Real Estate Education.  You can find more from Matthew at

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