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Pinteresting New Social Media Tool is Fun

February 20, 2012  |  by Marie

Happy pinners everywhere are falling in love with the new social media experience Pinterest, giving marketers a new and exciting way to integrate into consumers’ lives using earned media.  As a real estate professional, you’re probably thinking, how can I harness this new channel to build my business?  I’ve seen a few articles and webinars on using Pinterest to garner reach and exposure, both for your brand and your listings.  Smart retailers are already seeing incredible lift from this addicted community of happy pinners.  (For more on this check out Mashable’s article Pinterest Becomes Retailers Top Traffic Driver). As I was happily pinning away clothes I wanted to buy and photos that inspire me, it hit me, real estate agents can not only use Pinterest for exposure, but also to help their current customers manage their home search.

If you are not familiar with how Pinterest works, here is the scoop. Users create virtual pin boards which they categorize and name, and “pin” or save neat things they have found around the internet.  The “pin” is actually a picture that links to the respective web page where the content they are saving lives. 

Here is my idea for real estate professionals.  Either within your Pinterest boards or your customer’s, create a “House Hunt” board or “Houses to Check Out” board.  You could pin potential homes, or homes that they have looked at with you. On each pin (house) you can write notes and comments facilitating a more organized conversation and home search.

I’d love to hear from you, how are you using Pinterest?  Have you found success with your Pinterest strategy?  Would this idea work for your customers?

Happy Pinning!

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One response to “Pinteresting New Social Media Tool is Fun”

  1. Since it is necessary to log communications with clients and keep records of properties shown for legal purposes, I prefer to use email and Metropolitan Regional Information Systems to organize these items since they are already set up for it. However, I would like to find other ways to incorporate Pinterest into my real estate practice.

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