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Pop-a-Note: Sparking a Connection, Forging Client Relationships

August 19, 2013  |  by RISMedia

By Zoe Eisenberg

Marketing masters have long been saying that when it comes to making personal connections with clients, you shouldn’t be reaching out solely from a business angle.

Instead, you should be stimulating regular conversation. Sparking a conversation, any conversation, allows your client to relate to you and forms a connection that puts you front in center when it comes time for them to make a business decision.

However, stimulating these connections can be time consuming. To streamline her efforts, Laurie Singer of Prudential Florida Realty has been using the conversational marketing system “Pop-a-Note” from RISMedia to stimulate a connection with her clients.

“It’s a great way to keep in touch with my clients,” says Singer, who sends out a real-estate-related note every two weeks. “It’s light, easy reading!”

Pop-a-Note is based on the idea that by providing clients with interesting content, you are both entertaining them and building a stronger relationship. To save time, the system provides agents with a wealth of articles written by the RISMedia editorial team and includes topics ranging from pop culture to health, travel, business, technology and real estate.

Pop-a-Note allows you to choose the information you send, when you send it and who you send it to, forging new connections, cementing existing relationships and rekindling previous ones.

“I’ve had a lot of feedback from clients, communication I would not have received without the Pop-a-Note system,” says Singer.

MRIS customers receive a 10% discount! Learn more about Pop-a-Note here or click here for pricing information.

On August 28th from 10-10:30am, join RISMedia for a webinar about their new Pop-a-Note system. Pop-a-Note builds relationships and keeps you in touch with your clients with fun and interesting facts, not the same old boring sales pitch! Click here to register!

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