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Providing Market Context Using Price And Discount Trends

June 17, 2011  |  by Jonathan Miller

Using RBI’s robust market data, I set out to provide some context for state of the Washington, DC metro area housing market today by showing how we got here. I wanted to show the relationship between the year-over-year change in average sales price and the listing discount (the % change between the original list price and the sales price). In other words, take a look at how prices have been trending, how close or far apart buyers and sellers were as a result and what were some of the milestones that affected the changes.

As usual, I got a little carried away and placed the red arrow ensnared graphic with the rundown over at Curbed DC (they came up with the title).

But what better way to spend a Friday afternoon then pouring over a chart with way too much information on it?

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3 responses to “Providing Market Context Using Price And Discount Trends”

  1. mariestill says:

    Great visual!

  2. Jonathon….very impressive. What would it take to do that for the Blue Ridge Region…Clarke, Frederick and Warren Counties in Va and the City of Winchester, Va.
    Roger Lamborne, 2011 Immediate Past President, Blue Ridge Association of Realtors, 540-323-2500

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