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Public Records: Additional Owner field now added thanks to your suggestions!

April 7, 2011  |  by Mike

MRIS goes out of its way to ensure that MRIS real estate public records information is as accurate, timely, and comprehensive as possible.   Just recently, an MRIS customer requested display of second owner information in the MRIS D.C. public records. Now the MRIS Matrix Tax tab information displays the “Additional Owner” information at the top left corner of the MRIS D.C public record reports and current sales in that sales history will display the second owner name. 

Key benefits of having additional owners on record:

  • Knowing all of the property owners will secure a listing
  • Sales history helps outlines changes of ownership when an owner deeds title to another owner

This is the first time that the City has made this information available to anyone, and currently it isn’t even displayed on the City website.  That is why MRIS Public Records have the most comprehensive, vital public information available.  As the Public Records project manager, I would love your suggestions of what further we can add to make Public Records even more useful!

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