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Quick Tip Tuesday: How to Save Time With Matrix Speed Bar

October 13, 2015  |  by Tera

Sweet Tips!

We’ve got another MRIS-U Quick Tip to help you save time in Matrix.

Did you know you can create or revise a search from any page in Matrix by using the Speed Bar Shortcut? Located beneath the navigation tabs at the top of every page, the Speed Bar uses special codes to quickly identify or edit your search criteria. This helps reduce the time you spend on the Search tab filling out the various criteria fields.

The best way to begin to learn the process is to create a generic search that can be refined. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Begin by entering a generic search into the generic search screen. The criteria entered previously will automatically be entered into the speed bar; any codes that aren’t in search will show as “other criteria”:


Step 2: Refine the search by changing the criteria in the Speed Bar using the appropriate Speed Bar codes and press enter, or click on the magnifying glass. Don’t know the code? Simply click the question mark for Help, and the embedded link will display the codes in a separate window.

D (detached) 3+ (3 or more bedrooms) 2+ (2 or more bathrooms)

Do you find yourself using the same searches often? You can also create Speed Bar Shortcuts for your most used searches, saving you even more time. Once your search has been saved as a Shortcut, you will only need to type the name of the Shortcut into the Speed Bar.

Do you use the Speed Bar to help save you time? Let us know!

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