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RBI introduces interactive and customized stat reports with rbiPRO!

September 10, 2010  |  by Anne

At this point you have seen all the historical statistics directly from the MRIS multiple listing data base with RBI, Real Estate Business Intelligence.  Have you ever seen a market watch video?  Yup, that’s RBI! With coverage of over 60 counties and 1,200 zip codes, RBI keeps you in the know! But what you probably don’t know is that RBI has an advanced product premiering at the MAR Conference September 13th! Offered as an advanced RBI product, rbiPRO gives you the ability to run reports and graphs in a customized format using interactive statistics.  So long “read only” stats! Once you see the amazing benefits rbiPRO provides, you won’t be able to go back to those static stats!

There is no doubt that your clients and prospects will be beyond impressed with a barrage of statistical data tailor made just to for their search. Build enhanced graphs and charts specific to their search criteria.

Key features of rbiPRO include:

  • Increased filtering of data by desired characteristics
  • Personally branded output in a customizable format
  • Enhanced ability to run historical data
  • Optimum marketing material capabilities for farming and prospecting

Pull statistics!  Pull statistics based on ownership type, property type, DOM, sales price, list price, original list price versus sales price, percentage of original list to sale price, and property characteristics such as number of bedrooms and baths and see the effects of pricing based on days-on-market.

Export with Ease! Charting your data in both graph and list formats makes it easy to export charts and graphs into presentations, Excel spreadsheets, or PDF format. Even export directly to social networking sites like Facebook and twitter.

Need an example? Your client wants to see how a comparable property in the same county performed historically before choosing a listing price; you can do it with rbiPRO.  Need to convince a prospect to offer full price on a property because inventory is low and percentage of sale price to list is close to 100%?  Yup, you can do that too with rbiPRO along with hundreds of other ways to have specific statistics to make the best choices.

Interested in a demo?  RBI is happy to come to you and show you a demo. Email  Remeber RBI will also be at the MRIS booth at MAR and VAR so stop on by to see how rbiPRO can make you the master of all of your most important stats.

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