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Even in Abbottabad, Pakistan … the Value of a Real Estate Pro…

May 9, 2011  |  by John Heithaus

We all watched the global news unfold in Pakistan as the brave men and women of our armed forces so competently fulfilled their orders. I could not help but notice how the ever-pervasive topic of real estate valuation touches every facet of our lives, in virtually every culture around the globe. Check out this section from the (Daily) Mail Online in London.

“Two property professionals in Abbottabad said that – based on the size of the plot and the house, which was built in 2005, and using recent property sales as a guide – it was worth a quarter of the original estimate at best.

‘Twenty million rupees, maximum,’ said property dealer Muhammad Anwar, a 22-year veteran of the local market, at his Abbottabad office. ‘No swimming pool. This is not a posh area. We call it a middling area.”

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