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RETechnology Facebook Tips: Use Facebook as Your FREE Marketing Platform

July 27, 2011  |  by RETechnology

Would you invest your time in marketing yourself or your brokerage on a free platform that has 750 MILLION people? Welcome to Facebook. I can only assume that at least a few of those millions are in your area and in the market for buying or selling a home. So are you using this arena to the absolute best of your marketing ability?

You can set up a Facebook Profile account or a Facebook FanPage account. A few benefits to the fanpage:

  • Unlimited number of fans (standard profiles have a cap at about 5,000)
  • Email everyone from your fan base
  • Automatically accept fan requests (on standard profiles you have to manually accept)

Here are a few tips to make sure you are remaining professional and relevant in terms of your business Facebook profile (whether it’s a standard profile or a fanpage).

Connect with your clients
As you know, a large part of being successful in real estate is networking. Facebook is a great, (and free) way to do that so “friend” your current and past clients. Keep the word “Realtor” in your name, i.e. John “Real Estate Guru” Smith, so when notifications pop up on the client’s wall that they are friends with you, their whole network will know you are a valuable resource. If they are in the market for a home or looking to sell, they might ask their friend who this “guru” is and if he would be a good agent.

Keep posts relevant
Stay relevant by posting valuable info about your real estate niche, the area you work in and what different ideas you bring to the table. Know of great hot-spots that are in the area you cover? Post links to them. Have you got a great new marketing tool that you are offering on listings presentations? Let your friends know!

Make sure to ask questions and encourage responses from your network. You can even “friend” your mortgage/construction/decorator contact and cross-promote with them, i.e. ask questions they can answer and have them do the same. That allows your name to be seen in more places and, more importantly, associated with valuable information.

Keep posts appropriate
Most importantly, keep your business profile just that – business. Your clients and potential clients don’t need to hear how great happy hour was with your favorite co-lister or the cute thing your dog just did (although I’m sure the bar was awesome and honestly, your pug is the cutest).

The key to social media is balancing your personality with what is professional. Friends, and potential clients, want to get to know you. So keep posting what great volunteer work you are taking part in or even the new local restaurant you went to last Saturday (everyone loves a good recommendation!). But always check that what you are posting won’t detract from the reason you are there: to show what a great real estate agent you are!


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