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Save Time in 2013 with Keystone Homepage!

January 4, 2013  |  by Tim

In the busy life of a real estate agent, there never seems to be enough time to take care of all the things you need to accomplish in a day. With the new Keystone Homepage, you can make changes, edit remarks and/or add a new listing when you have time, and then schedule them to be submitted to the MLS when you want the listing additions or changes to go on the market. It’s fast, easy, and the perfect time saver.

Step 1: Make your changes in Keystone.

Step 2: On the Keystone Homepage, In the Manage Listing picklist select “Submit Later.”

Step 3: Choose the date you want the change to go on the market.

Step 4: Have Keystone send you a reminder a day or 2 before it goes on the market.

Bonus Tip: Don’t need to make any changes to your listing? Change something insignificant now so that when you do have significant changes, you understand the process.

Happy New Year!
The Keystone Product Team

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