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Say Hello to the Top! XactSite Helps Your Website Rank Higher!

August 11, 2011  |  by Anne


Looking for a way to rank higher on Google? Let XactSite’s advanced SEO capabilities help! XactSite makes it easy to enter unique search engine keywords that will help your website rank above the competition!  Creating customizable search words in your XactSite control panel will make your website a hit – literally! The more unique terms, the better, and the greater chances of a consumer finding you from a basic Google search.

Add specific search keywords that are unique to your business.  “Montgomery County Real Estate” won’t get you as high on the list as “Montgomery single family homes under $300,000.”  The more details, the better! Get specific about your business and your specialized market so that when consumers search, they find you!

To find out more specifics on XactSite, call 866-689-1218 today or email Darren Kipfer to schedule an office visit.  To learn more about XactSite, check out the overview video below.


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