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Scary Real Estate Stories From MRIS Subscribers

October 31, 2013  |  by Ellen

Happy Halloween!

A few weeks ago we put the call out for our readers to send in any spooky stories they had from showing homes. After all, going into an empty house—or, at least, one that is supposed to be empty—is bound to turn up some unexpected events. We’ve posted this year’s submissions below and you can check out last year’s by going to this link. If you have any you want to add please drop a note in the comments. And, most of all, we hope you have a happy and safe Halloween.

Haunted House“A client and I went into a old boarded detached house in a rough area of Baltimore. After prying the boards off we went in. Although it was pitched dark my client eagerly ran up the rickety steps into a bedroom down the hall. After only seconds of him being upstairs I heard him let out a bloodcurdling scream then all of a sudden he jumped down what must have been at least 12 steps and landed in front of me with a distorted look of terror on his face. I took of running first and leaped down the front porch steps and fell on my stomach. When I hit the ground I turned around on my back to see my client jumping over me. I quickly got to my feet and began to back up out of the yard when a man appeared in the door laughing hysterically saying I’m sorry. Come to find out it was just a local homeless guy who was squatting in the house. When my client had opened the door upstairs the guy had put the flashlight under his face which made him seem other worldly to my client. It took all three of us about 20 minute to stop laughing and to pick up all the change and other things that flew out of my pockets as I was writhing on the ground earlier.”—Darrick

“I scheduled a showing appointment with a listing agent. The phone was breaking up and all I could get from the call was that it was okay to show, everyone should be out and that “one” of the keys in the lockbox is for the front door. As I opened the combo lockbox a key ring with at least 12 keys fell out. The townhome had locked doors to each room and unexpected areas (living room and dining room) were now enclosed rooms with locked doors. We had no issues seeing all rooms in the basement and main level. We came to the last bedroom on the upper floor and I couldn’t get it opened. But as I tried one last time, it opened slightly about an 1/2 inch. As it opened all I could see was a man’s eye glaring right at me. I apologized and my client and I ran off!”—Anh

“I showed a property once that had talking parrots, they answered every time I called with hello or whatever response was needed. The seller left the radio on for the birds (4 of them) when the phone rang they imitated the ring, the answering machine and a “nice day” response. It took a while before I was sure the house was truly empty. I was also at a home inspection in Relay when  snake crawled out of the attic access when the inspector opened the overhead door.  Very scary!!”—Barb

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One response to “Scary Real Estate Stories From MRIS Subscribers”

  1. I was conducting a home inspection at a townhouse. While inspecting the attic, I saw the inspector climbed off and ran out of the house, my buyer ran after him. Nop, I did not run. I stood at the door and calmly asked what was going on? The inspector said there were bats in the attic and one of them was about to fly. He handed me the flash light and asked if I wanted to see and his hand was shaking as if he suddenly got sick. I felt a CHILL DOWN MY SPINE. It was as if he was handing me the bat itself. Ever since then, I have been on the look out for anything inside those vacant homes.

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