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September is Realtor Safety Month

August 31, 2012  |  by Anne

Did you happen to catch this Inman article from June about the kidnapping and armed robbery of a Pennsylvania Realtor?  Well, one look at the kidnapper’s mug shot will definitely help you remember Inman’s safety tips below…

Avoid glamour shots ng and armed robbery of a Pennsylvania Realtor?  One look at this crazy kidnapper’s face and you’ll definitely remember a few of Inman’s safety tips below…

“A lot of predators choose their victims based on their appearance,” Siciliano said. Women should avoid using “glamour” shots on their business cards and marketing materials. Regardless of what gender you are, a business-type photo is safer and usually more effective.”

Dress for safety

Wear professional business outfits when you’re on the job, rather than loose-fitting clothes or scarves that an attacker can grab. To discourage robberies, leave your fancy jewelry or expensive watch at home or in the office.

Be careful what you disclose

Never print your home phone number or address on your business cards, or even give them to a client that you have already checked out. Avoid talking too much about your personal life and your family unless the client is a longtime friend.

Take a self-defense course

The techniques you learn can help you fend off an attacker, or come in handy if you find yourself in some other type of jam. Many realty boards and even individual offices across the nation offer such courses for free, or have struck deals with private training firms that give discounts to agents.

Follow your instincts

Above all, experts say, always follow your instincts. “If a potential client is uncooperative about providing important information or makes you uneasy, don’t work with him,” Siciliano said. “And don’t make exceptions to the safety precautions that you should normally take, like showing a home to someone who you haven’t already ‘vetted,’ or meeting someone at an empty house late at night.”

 What other tips do you have to stay safe all year round?

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One response to “September is Realtor Safety Month”

  1. Lisa says:

    Please forward to all agents in our data base.
    Heading. September is safety month for Realtors.

    Realty executives Annapolis wants you to be safe when working with all of you prospects.
    Read and follow these safety tips.


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