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Shorten Your Search Time with Speedbar Shortcuts

December 20, 2011  |  by Anne

In November, guest blogger Gail Harris reported saving buckets of time by using Matrix Speedbar shortcuts! (Click here to read her post) We wanted to bring this great topic up again to help convert new users to the fantastic time-saving abilities of speedbar shortcuts!

With Speedbar shortcuts, you can quickly access a search anywhere, anytime, no hassle. Modify the search on the fly – no more wasted effort to click the revise button.

The Speedbar is located under the green navigation bar at the top of each matrix screen. If you don’t see it, look in the far right of the navigation bar – next to your name. If there is a down facing arrow, click the arrow to reveal the Speedbar.

Click into the Speedbar and type shortcut codes you have already made and use the enter key. When using the Speedbar you will type shortcut codes to represent the criteria. A document w/ codes is available in the help menu that includes how to enter bedrooms, baths and more. After each code use the spacebar.

If you don’t currently have any speedbar shortcuts created, simply run a search and “save as” a new speedbar shortcut. Name the Speedbar Shortcut. Notice the / at the beginning of the name. This is important when retrieving the search. Names must be all one word with no special characters so best to keep it really simple. Click Save.

For more help on utilizing speedbar shortcuts, check out the tutorial video below:

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