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Sneak Peek of the New Powerful Map Features!

July 27, 2011  |  by Kerry

Launching in the next week or so, the new will sport a brand new look for maps! Want a sneak peek of what map searches will look like? You got it!

Check out the picture below that reflects two new map features: Drawing Search Area and Points of Interest.

Drawing Search Area: Consumers will be able to click and drag to select their search area! The polygon drawing tool gives them more control

Points of Interest: Consumer can use the Points of Interest to display schools, child care, retail, grocery stores, gas stations, transportation, and much more all in relation to their selected listings!  At a glance, visitors can see if the house they loved just lost points for being too far away from child care, or if the house with the smaller bedrooms just gained leverage for being closer to the gym.

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5 responses to “Sneak Peek of the New Powerful Map Features!”

  1. Will this be on active agent as well?

  2. MRIS_Kerry says:

    Hi Roger, the ActiveAgent products are on a completely different platform. We are working to have upgrades done to the ActiveAgent products as well (there was a redesign last summer).

  3. Is there any estimated time frame for that addition?

  4. MRIS_Anne says:

    Hi Herb – great question! You will be seeing these new enhancements -and many more- by the end of the week!

  5. Hi Kerry,

    Any new features coming to active agent…similar to homesdatabase….I hate spending money year after year on a product that is free and MUCH better to everyone else…albeit active agent is branded.

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